White Fish with red pepper and tomato cream

White Fish with red pepper and tomato cream

This dish is a nice quick meal which is full of flavour and really healthy. We were inspired by the supperlove cookbook by David Bez but we adapted to our taste by changing a few ingredients and made a recipe in the style of his dishes.


2 pieces of white fish ( We used cod)

1 lemon

2 nobs of butter

225 grams of tomatoes

1 red pepper

50ml of warm single cream

100 grams of tender stem broccoli

30 grams of black olives

1 ball of mozarella

15 grams of pine nuts

salt and pepper seasoning

a drizzle of oil

a handful of fresh basil


To begin with we put the cod in grease proof paper and placed in two slices of lemon and a nob of butter. We then folded together to make a sealed parcel and cooked in the oven at 180c for 20 minutes

Whilst the fish was cooking we then prepared the tomato and pepper cream by warming the single cream, slicing the tomato’s and pepper and put in a blender. We strained the sauce to make sure there was no lumps.

When the sauce is blitzed we griddled the broccoli for five minutes adding the pine nuts half way through to toast.

Once this step was done and the fish was cooked we plated up. Firstly we poured the sauce on the bottom and then placed the broccoli and then the fish. We then scattered the olives, pine nuts, mozzarella and basil around the dishes. Once we did this we gave the dish a light seasoning and a drizzle of oil.