Gluten Free King Prawn Po’ Boy

Gluten Free King Prawn Po’ Boy

This recipe is a great snack or quick meal in the evening, the sharp sauce goes perfectly with this. This recipe is ideally for two people but you can double the recipe for a family meal.

Ingredients for the Prawns:

225g of King Prawns ( Defrosted)

3 Tsbp of cornflour

1 egg

2tsp of cayenne pepper

1tsbp of sweet chilli

2tbsp of Garlic Granules

2tbsp of paprika

1tbsp of plain flour

Ingredients for the po’ boy sauce:

4tbsp of mayonnaise

Half a squeezed lemon

2tbsp of sweet chilli

2tbsp of paprika

1tsp of gluten free Worcester sauce

1tsbp of Dijon mustard

2 garlic cloves grated

a handful of capers ( finely diced)

For assembling the Po’ Boy

2 Gluten free baguettes

sliced lettuce


To begin with make the sauce by adding all ingredients, stir well and the place in the fridge until assembly.

After the sauce is made place the cornflour, cayenne pepper, sweet chilli, garlic granules and paprika in a bowl and mix together.

Once this is done add the egg and mix so it becomes a thick batter ( if too thick add a tsp or two of water.)

Once the batter is made coat the prawns coat the prawns in the gluten free flour and then place in the batter so they are full covered.

To cook the prawns heat oil in a saucepan and then shallow fry the coated prawns in batches for 2 minutes at a time.

Once the prawns are cooked, prepare the Po’ Boy by slicing the baguette sideways and place half of the sauce on the bottom. Then place the lettuce and prawns in before drizzle more sauce on top.