Battered lemon chicken

Battered Lemon Chicken

This dish was inspired by Marion’s Kitchens food blog (Chinese Lemon Chicken – Marion’s Kitchen.) We have adapted this to make it gluten free and also changed the method around.


800g chicken breast, cut into cubes

200ml chicken stock

1½ tbsp light soy sauce

3 tbsp sugar

2 lemons for the juice 1 for decoration

finely grated zest of 1 lemon

200 grams Gluten Free Plain Flour

2 garlic cloves, grated

1 tsp finely grated ginger

2 tsp cornstarch, dissolved in 2 tbsp water

1ltr vegetable oil for frying

1 tsp sesame seeds

Coriander to serve


2 tbsp light soy sauce ( We used tamari)

1 tbsp Chinese shaoxing wine ( You could use sherry)

1 egg white, lightly whisked


To begin with we marinated the diced chicken with the shaoxing wine/Sherry, tamari and egg white and left for 30 minutes to marinade.

Whist marinating prepare a dish with the gluten free flour and season to your taste. Then pour the marinade and chicken into the flour. Mix all of this with your hands, to ensure that all pieces of chicken are coated with flour.

Once you have done this, you can prepare the sauce by putting the tamari, stock and sugar into the saucepan and bring to an simmer.

Whilst the sauce is simmering put a large a heavy based saucepan with the oil on the hob to heat up.

When the oil is up to temperature, start cooking the chicken in batches for 3 minutes at a time. Making sure that any excess flour has been tapped of the chicken before frying.

When you are on your last batch of chicken piece, add the lemon juice, ginger, garlic and zest to the sauce. Simmer for 30 seconds and then add the cornflour slurry to thicken. Simmer sauce for 2 minutes and then pour over the cooked chicken.

We then put a slices of lemon and coriander to serve.