Gluten Free Bao Buns with Sticky pork

Gluten free Bao Buns with Sticky Pork

This was a great fakeaway to make for a Saturday evening. We had it with crispy seaweed and pickled vegetables. The recipe will feed upto 5-6 people.

Ingredients needed for Bao Bun Dough

To activate the yeast:

10g instant yeast

2 tsp of sugar

2 Tbsp warm water (not hot)

Dry ingredients for the dough:

176g corn floour

86g potato starch

90g glutinous rice flour

100g rice flour

2 tsp baking power

1/2 tsp salt

60g sugar

Wet ingredients for dough:

260ml warm water

60ml cooking oil

Ingredients for the sticky pork:

500g of Belly Pork

300 ml of apple juice

300ml of vegetable stock

1Tbsp of Chinese five spice

1Tbsp of GF Hoisin sauce

2Tbsp of soft brown sugar

2 garlic cloves

fresh ginger ( the amount is up to you)

1 stick of Lemongrass

2 Tbsp. of Tamari sauce

2 Tbsp. of sweet chilli

Method for the Bao Bun Dough

The first thing you will need to do is activate the yeast. You do this by putting the yeast, 2tsp of sugar and 2Tbsp of warm water in a bowl mix together and leave for 10 minutes. the yeast should have be foamy and bubbly.

Whilst you are waiting for the yeast to activate stir all the dry ingredients in a large bowl to mix them up. then add the water oil and yeast mix and stir to roughly mix. Then knead the dough in the bowl. The dough should moist and a bit wet but not sticky to your fingers. If the dough feels dry add a bit of liquid. The dough doesn’t have any elasticity it feel a bit like playdough. Once the dough is ready cover and put in a warm place. I put mine in the airing cupboard for over an hour.

When the dough has doubled in size it is ready to start shaping into the buns. Split the mixture into 20 equal size pieces. Roll one piece at a time into a small ball place on a piece of greaseproof paper flatten the dough, place a piece of grease proof paper over half of the dough and fold over to create the classic Bao bun shape. Leave the buns to rest for 20min. Place 4-5 buns in a steamer and steam for 8 minutes. The buns are ready.

Method for Sticky pork:

To begin with you put the pork in slices into the saucepan with the apple juice, stock, garlic, lemongrass and ginger for 45 minutes until the pork is cooked.

Once the pork is cooked leave to dry for an hour until cold. Whilst waiting you can make the sauce

Using the remaining liquid from boiling the pork sieve to remove any fat and then put in a smaller saucepan. Add the sugar, sweet chilli, hoisin sauce and tamari sauce and reduced until thick.

Once the sauce is thickened drizzle over the top of the cold pork and put the pork in the oven for 20 minutes on 180c

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