Gluten Free General Tso Chicken

Gluten Free General Tso Chicken

This meal will feed two people

Ingredients for the marinade of the chicken

300g of diced chicken breast

50g of cornflour

2tbsp of sweet chilli

2tbsp of soy sauce

2tbsp of Shaoxing wine

Ingredients for sauce:

3tbsp of soy sauce

3tbsp of sweet chilli

2tbsp tomato puree

1tbsp rice vinegar

2tbsp sherry vinegar

2tbsp of brown sugar

2tbsp of sesame seeds


To begin with we marinated the chicken with the shaoxing wine, soy sauce and sweet chilli and leave for 20 minutes.

Whilst waiting for the chicken to marinate. Place all the ingredients for the sauce and boil at a high heat until the sauce is thick and then place to one side ready for later.

When the chicken has been marinade for 20 minutes, drain any excess liquid and place in the 50g of cornflour adding seasoning of salt and pepper.

Once the chicken is dusted we shallow fried the coated in 2 inches of cooking oil in batches for 4 minutes.

Once all the chicken is cooked place in a mixing bowl and pour the sauce over and add the seasame seeds, making sure all chicken is coated.

Once you have done this plate up and serve with sides of your choice we had rice and broccoli.