Not so Fiery Dan Dan noodles

Not So Fiery Dan Dan Noodles

This dish is one of our regular favourites as it is quick and easy but full of flavour. You can always substitute the rice noodles with rice or to make it non gluten free you can add egg noodles.


500 grams of mince

4 Garlic cloves

Thumb size of ginger

1tbsp of five spice

4tsbp of honey

1tbsp mirin

1tbsp of tamari sauce

2tsbp of gluten free soy sauce

2tbsp of sweet chilli ( if you want it spicier you can add more)

3 limes

250 grams of broccoli

400 grams of rice noodles (we used Thai Kirin rice sticks)


To begin with we placed the mince into a frying pan with no oil and fried until brown. Once the mince is brown we added the five spice, honey, garlic and ginger until the mince is crispy and dark brown.

Whilst the mince is cooking boil water in a saucepan and put the rice noodles in for 8 minutes until cooked

Whilst waiting for the noodles to be cooked we added tamari, mirin, gluten free soy sauce, sweet chilli, 1 lime and stirred in until the mince is fully coated. We then add the broccoli for 2 minutes.

Once the noodles have cooked and drained pour back into the saucepan and then squeeze in some lime and 1tbsp of soy sauce.

Once completed add the mince mixture to the noodles and fold in and sprinkle with spring onions and coriander

Plate up and enjoy.