Gluten Free crispy mushroom and hoisin pancakes

Gluten Free Crispy mushroom and hoisin mushroom pancakes

This recipe was inspired by mob kitchen but changed for our liking. We wanted to cook a vegetarian version of duck for our niece who has recently turned vegetarian. This can serve 3-4 people


450g of oyster mushrooms

3tbsp of cornflour

2tbsp of five spice

1tbsp of chinese salt and pepper seasoning

4tbsp of Gluten free hoisin sauce (we used Lee kum Lee sauce)

For the pancakes:

60g of gluten free plain flour

2tsp of cornflour

80ml of water

80ml of lactose free milk

2 eggs

30g of melted dairy free butter

1tsp of garlic granules

salt and pepper

Method for crispy mushrooms:

To begin with shred the oyster mushrroms into strips to resemble shredded duck and place in a bowl.

Once the mushrooms are shredded add the cornflour, Chinese five spice and salt and pepper seasoning and mix well.

Heat up at least 500ml of cooking oil and fry the mushrooms in batches for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown and then place in a separate bowl and mix the hoisin sauce in.

For the pancakes

To begin with beat together all the ingredients for the pancackes into a large bowl and mix until smooth.

Then brush a shallow pan with oil on a medium heat and cook the pancakes one at a time. They should be about 1tbsp of the mixture each time and can be spread out by tilting the pan.

Cook the pancakes for 1 minute each side, once all cooked at the crispy mushrooms. We also served with slice cucumber and ginger.