Gluten Free Prawn Toast

Gluten Free prawn toast


200g of raw peeled king prawns

half a red onion finely diced

2cm of ginger

1/2tbsp of GF soy sauce

4-6tbsp of sesame seeds

1 egg

6 slices of gluten free bread

4tbs of oil to fry


On a chopping board dice the raw prawns, then grate the ginger onto the prawns , add the soy sauce and egg yoke ( keep the white for later) and then chop to mix the ingredients together.

Once you have done this divide the mix between the 4-6 pieces of bread and then brush over lightly with some of the egg white. and dip into the sesame seeds ( we did ours on a plate.)

Then heat up the oil in the frying pan, once the oil is hot, place the bread prawn side down for 3 minutes, then turn for another two minutes. Until golden brown.

To serve cut into triangles.