Easy Ramen

Easy Ramen

This Ramen is great with leftovers from a roast which makes it an easy dish and great as there is no food waste.


2 Garlic cloves ( Grated)

1 Piece of Ginger (grated)

300ml of beef stock

2 Eggs

A bag of green beans

Any meat ( We had left over beef)

Rice Noodles

Sweet Chilli sauce

Chinese five spice



To start with, we made the broth as this will take a while to infuse. In a pan you need to put the 300ml of beef stock, with the grated ginger and the grated garlic and a dash of sweet chilli, put this to simmer when you are creating the other components of the dish.

Whilst the broth is simmering put on the rice noodles for 8 minutes and stir once so they do not stick.

Whilst the broth and noodles are cooking, we put out left over beef and vegetables in a frying pan with the green beans. We then seasoned with Chinese five spice and oil and cooked until warm.

With two minutes left on your timer for the noodles heat up a pan and start frying the eggs.

Once the noodles are done rinse off and put at the bottom of your plate. Once you have done pour in the broth, and then stack your meet and leftover vegetables on top. After this put the eggs on top and scatter coriander on top.