Chicken Massaman curry

Chicken Massaman Curry

Ingredients of paste:

6 garlic cloves

5 tbsp of sweet chilli

1tbsp of mild chilli powder

1 shallot

2 lemongrass

Thumb size of ginger

3tbsp of olive oil

1tsp of cardamon powder

2tbsp of ground coriander

2tbsp cumin seeds

80 grams of salted cashew nuts

1/2tsp of nutmeg

1tsp of turmeric

1tbsp of cinnamon

½ tsp of ground cloves

Ingredients for the Curry:

800g of chicken

450g of potatoes (diced)

1 onion

85g of salted cashew nuts

400ml of coconut milk

200ml of chicken stock

4tsbp of homemade massaman curry paste

2tbsp of thai red curry paste

6 kaffir lime leaves

1 lemongrass stick

1 cinnamon stick

1Tbsp of tamarind paste

¼ tsp of Fish sauce

1tsp of granulated sugar

Method for the paste:

To begin with finely dice the shallots, garlic and lemongrass and fry in a saucepan for 3 minutes until slightly soft and then leave to cool.

Using a food processor add the rest of the ingredients and mix together. Once the shallots, garlic and lemongrass are cooled add together and blitz into a smooth paste.

Method for the curry:

Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6, then roast the peanuts on a baking tray for 5 mins until golden brown. When cool enough to handle, roughly chop. Reduce oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4.

Heat 2 tbsp coconut milk in a saucepan and then add the Thai curry paste  and the massaman curry paste and fry for 1 min, then stir in the chicken and fry until well coated.

Stir in the rest of the coconut with 200ml of chicken stock, the potatoes, onion, lime leaves, cinnamon, lemongrass, tamarind, sugar, fish sauce and most of the peanuts. Bring to a simmer and then place into a casserole dish and cook for 2 hours at 160C. ( Gas 4)

When the curry is cooked remove from the oven. We served ours with lime and coriander jasmine rice and gluten free garlic, coconut and sultana naan breads.

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