Gluten Free Pizza Bianca with potatoes

Gluten Free Pizza Bianca with potatoes

This recipe is enough for 2-4 people and was inspired by our trip to Rome where we had a delicious meal at one of the Gluten Free restaurants there.

Ingredients needed

For the pizza dough:

1tsp caster sugar

160ml warm water

8g dried active yeast (gluten free)

170g gluten free plain flour – plus extra for dusting

50g tapioca starch ( sometimes called tapioca flour)

1 tsp fine salt

A small handful of thyme

1.5 tbsp olive oil

For the Bianca sauce:

500g of grate potato ( we used new potatoes)

zest and juice of one lemon

250g of mascarpone

6 cloves of smoked garlic (roasted)

40g of parmesan ( 10g for scattering at the end)

A handful of lemon thyme

1tbsp of garlic granules

Method for dough:

For the pizza dough method we used Laura Strange’s gluten free pizza dough recipe as it is the best one we have found

The link is attached here

Once your dough has been made and is ready to use. Press your dough into your desired shape and thickness, place in the oven for 5 minutes whilst you make your pizza sauce.

Method for Pizza sauce:

In a bowl mix together the mascarpone , lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic granules, thyme and season to taste.

After 5 minutes take your pizza bases out of the oven and split your pizza sauce between the 2 bases and spread. Then sprinkle a generous amount of the grated potato over your pizza and at this point add your roasted smoke garlic if you wish. Cook in the oven for a further 15 minutes. Once your pizza’s are cooked drizzle with olive oil and a scattering of grated parmesan and enjoy.