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Hello….. is it Brie you’re looking for?

Hello and welcome to my blog, I have decided to upload meals, that I have cooked at home to inspire other people to try out. My husband and I do many different cuisines and recipes which are Gluten Free. Although we cannot say we have busy lives at the moment our recipes do not take long but are usually easy and healthy.


To find some great snacks for BBQ’s, picnics or just generally to eat.

Please click here for the recipesSnacks – Lara Lou’s food creation


We love a good fakeaway, especially on a Friday and Saturday night. Not only are these delicious but also a lot cheaper than getting a takeaway.

Please find the recipes atFakeaways – Lara Lou’s food creation


These meals are dishes that we have often and are usually quick and easy to make. We will also put on some twists to some traditional meals from all over the world.

Please click here for the recipeMains – Lara Lou’s food creation

Vegetarian dishes

These recipes are great for your health and wallet. We love having a light dish on a summers day and some of these recipes are great for these occasions.

Please find the recipes atVegetarian dishes – Lara Lou’s food creation

Baking and desserts

One of my favourite past times is to bake, I love doing it on a lazy day or when I have had a hard day at work. I am always looking at trying different recipes so please enjoy.

What is even better is that all of these recipes are Gluten Free

Please find recipes at Baking and desserts – Lara Lou’s food creation


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