Gluten Free Thai spiced calamari

Gluten Free Thai spiced calamari

This recipe is inspired a great meal in a Thai restaurant in London. We chose to replicate it and put our own twist on it. This meal serves 2 people.

Ingredients for calamari:

600g of prepeared squid

3tbsp of gluten free plain flour

3tsbp of cornflour

1tbsp of soy sauce

3 egg whites

salt and pepper to season

400ml of sunflower oil

Ingredients for sauce:

Thumb size of ginger ( cut into matchsticks)

3tbsp of green pickled peppercorns

3tbsp of sweet chilli sauce

2tbsp of gf soy sauce

1tbsp of sugar

2tbsp of mirin

100ml of water


To begin with separate the tentacles from sleeve and toss the sleeve in colander to remove slime. Then remove the fins, cut into large pieces . With a very sharp knife, score the squid in diagonal lines on one side all the way up, then repeat at right angles to the first lines to make a crossed pattern. Do not cut through the squid! This helps the squid curl better when frying.

Once the squid is prepped create the batter by mixing the cornflour, flour, egg and soy sauce in a bowl. The batter should be quite light.

Once the batter is mixed, place all the squid in the bowl and then batch fry in the oil in a large saucepan. Each batch should take 3 minutes to cook.

Whilst you are cooking the quid you can make the sauce by placing all ingredients for the sauce in a saucepan and cook for 3 minutes on a high heat.

When all components are cooked place the squid in a bowl and add the mixture to it and then plate up.