Gluten free Tofu Banh Mi

Gluten Free Tofu Banh Mi

This Vietnamese snack is great for a light and quick tea. We love it so much we had it twice in one week. You can always put meat instead of Tofu if you would like.

This menu serves 2 people.


2 Gluten free baguettes

one block of tofu

2 sweet peppers cut into strips

4 carrots peeled

1tsp of sweet chilli

1tbsp of mayonaisse

3tbsp of cornflour

2tbsp of Chinese salt and pepper seasoning

2tbsp of white wine vinegar

1tbsp of sugar

1tsp of salt


To begin with slice the peppers and carrots into small slithers and place in a jar.

Once the vegetables are in a jar in a saucepan add the white wine vinegar and the 1tbsp of sugar and the salt and make a quick pickle on the hob for 3 minutes. Once the pickle is made pour over the vegetables, place the lid on them and let them marinated for 15 minutes.

Once you have made the vinegar cut the Tofu into slices and place in the cornflour and Chinese seasoning until fully coated .

Once the tofu is coated, heat up a frying pan with 4tbsp of sunflower oil and fry on both sides for 3 minutes each.

Once the tofu is cooked place in a bowl with kitchen roll to make sure the excess oil is off.

Whilst you are waiting for this prepare your baguette ( which we cooked in the oven for 10 minutes on 180C) by spreading the sweet chilli and mayonnaise on either side of the baguette.

Once the condiments are in the baguette add the tofu and then the pickled vegetables and you have your banh mi.