Sticky Chinese Chicken Traybake

A great lazy tea as this is a dish of little preparation but with outstanding results. We thoroughly enjoyed this and garnished with spring onions.

Please click here for the recipe- Sticky Chinese chicken traybake – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Aromatic Turkey Larb

Whilst looking for a nice fragrant dish we came across this recipe which we have our twist on it. Larb is a originally from Laos but can be found in many places in south east asia.

Click here to find the recipe- Aromatic Turkey Larb – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Gluten Free Tuscan chicken

This dish is a versatile dish that can be accompanied with potatoes or a nice light salad. We had this with a nice refreshing class of rhubarb cordial.

Please click here for the recipe- Gluten Free Tuscan Chicken – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Quick and Easy Shan noodles

This was a flashback to our honeymoon in Myanmar. It is a fresh and vibrant dish which is easy to make.

Please click here for the recipe- Quick and Easy Shan Noodles – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Quick and Easy Satay Chicken skewers

If you love Satay Chicken this is a dish for you. Not only is it a quick meal but can go with a variety of sides, we had this with coconut rice but you could have it with noodles or salad.

Click here to find the recipe- Quick and Easy Satay Chicken Skewers – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Za’atar chicken with jewelled rice

This recipe is great for a fragrant meal. The jeweled rice brings various different flavours to the party but does not over power the chicken.

Please click here for the recipe

Za’atar chicken with jeweled rice – Lara Lou’s food creation (


After a long and busy week, we thought we would treat ourselves to a tapas. We love fish and the prawns and calamari were a great main attraction.

Please click here for the recipe- Gluten Free Tapas – Lara Lou’s food creation

Loaded polenta fries.

We love finding an alternative to potatoes and this dish is great for that. You can put any topping on it, we chose a tapa style topping but you could cater it for your dietary needs.

Please find the recipe at Loaded Polenta Fries – Lara Lou’s food creation

Chicken and butternut squash risotto

This dish is a great evening meal on a cold day and will only take 30 minutes to cook. They great thing about a risotto, is you can use any vegetables that you like. 🙂

For the recipe click here Chicken and Butternut risotto – Lara Lou’s food creation

Pulled Pork

This recipe is full of flavour and great to have for several meals. We had ours with Broccoli but it is great in a wrap or with chips, corn on the cob and coleslaw.

Also its great with a cold glass of cider 🙂

Click here for the recipePulled Pork – Lara Lou’s food creation

Lamb Bobotie

If you are a fan of lamb this is the dish for you. This is a South African dish which we like as a change to lasagna or moussaka.

Click here for recipe- Lamb bobotie – Lara Lou’s food creation

Thai Chicken Basil

This is one of our favourite meals and reminds us of our honeymoon in Myanmar. This is a dish packed full of flavour but easy to make. 🙂

Click here for the recipeThai Chicken Basil – Lara Lou’s food creation

Beef Ragu with Gluten Free spaghetti

This dish is ideal for a cold winters night or a cold sunday. You don’t have to have pasta you could have a jacket potato or if you are like my husband, lots of Garlic bread 🙂

For the recipe click hereBeef Ragu with Gluten Free spaghetti – Lara Lou’s food creation

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