Gluten Free Toad in the Hole with Onion Gravy.

This recipe has become a firm favourite for us, it is quick and easy to make and the onion gravy is light and complements the toad in the hole

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Gluten free beef and broccoli

This recipe was requested at one of our dinner parties and we had not tried it before, so we thought we would give it a try. The beef and broccoli was the most popular recipe, to the point that we did not get any.

Gluten Free Popcorn Chicken Banquet

Ashley really fancied a KFC the other day and we both fancied one at the weekend. However KFC is not gluten free so we decided to make our own version using an Asian style popcorn chicken and Smokey BBQ beans

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Lamb Cawl

This recipe was inspired by out holiday in Pembroke shire where we had a great lunch of Cawl. This gave us thought of making our own. Which we served with our Gluten Free Scones.

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Gluten Free Carbonnade

For a nice cold autumn day this meal is great. We had this with some crusty bread after a cold walk outside.

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Cider Butt Chicken

This recipe is a great alternative to a roast on a Sunday we love the crispy skin and the moistness of the chicken.

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Gluten Free Calamari with rosemary potatoes

We love calamari and wanted a quick meal on a Saturday, this was great and was perfect with a glass of red wine.

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Arepas with crispy pork belly and tangy salsa

As Saturday is our experiment in the kitchen night we though we would try Arepas. Not only were these quick and easy but filling enough to have some left over for tommorrow.

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Rice Burgers with Asian style fried chicken

Today we wanted to try something a bit different and we were not disappointed the chicken and miso mayonnaise was so nice and light we have found a new favourite meal.

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Roasted duck leg with gnocchi and red currant sauce.

A simple meal packed with flavour. This is great for a date night or a quick evening meal, the red currant jam really compliments the duck.

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Roasted Duck leg with gnocchi and red currant sauce – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Pork Adobo with Pineapple

We first had this as meal cooked by my brother, we thought it was great and love the simple but strong flavours that went with this, so we twisted the recipe a little bit and it still tasted great.

Please click here for the recipe- Pork Adobo with pineapple – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Sticky Chinese Chicken Traybake

A great lazy tea as this is a dish of little preparation but with outstanding results. We thoroughly enjoyed this and garnished with spring onions.

Please click here for the recipe- Sticky Chinese chicken traybake – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Aromatic Turkey Larb

Whilst looking for a nice fragrant dish we came across this recipe which we have our twist on it. Larb is a originally from Laos but can be found in many places in south east asia.

Click here to find the recipe- Aromatic Turkey Larb – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Gluten Free Tuscan chicken

This dish is a versatile dish that can be accompanied with potatoes or a nice light salad. We had this with a nice refreshing class of rhubarb cordial.

Please click here for the recipe- Gluten Free Tuscan Chicken – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Quick and Easy Shan noodles

This was a flashback to our honeymoon in Myanmar. It is a fresh and vibrant dish which is easy to make.

Please click here for the recipe- Quick and Easy Shan Noodles – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Quick and Easy Satay Chicken skewers

If you love Satay Chicken this is a dish for you. Not only is it a quick meal but can go with a variety of sides, we had this with coconut rice but you could have it with noodles or salad.

Click here to find the recipe- Quick and Easy Satay Chicken Skewers – Lara Lou’s food creation (

Za’atar chicken with jewelled rice

This recipe is great for a fragrant meal. The jeweled rice brings various different flavours to the party but does not over power the chicken.

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Za’atar chicken with jeweled rice – Lara Lou’s food creation (


After a long and busy week, we thought we would treat ourselves to a tapas. We love fish and the prawns and calamari were a great main attraction.

Please click here for the recipe- Gluten Free Tapas – Lara Lou’s food creation

Loaded polenta fries.

We love finding an alternative to potatoes and this dish is great for that. You can put any topping on it, we chose a tapa style topping but you could cater it for your dietary needs.

Please find the recipe at Loaded Polenta Fries – Lara Lou’s food creation

Chicken and butternut squash risotto

This dish is a great evening meal on a cold day and will only take 30 minutes to cook. They great thing about a risotto, is you can use any vegetables that you like. 🙂

For the recipe click here Chicken and Butternut risotto – Lara Lou’s food creation

Pulled Pork

This recipe is full of flavour and great to have for several meals. We had ours with Broccoli but it is great in a wrap or with chips, corn on the cob and coleslaw.

Also its great with a cold glass of cider 🙂

Click here for the recipePulled Pork – Lara Lou’s food creation

Lamb Bobotie

If you are a fan of lamb this is the dish for you. This is a South African dish which we like as a change to lasagna or moussaka.

Click here for recipe- Lamb bobotie – Lara Lou’s food creation

Thai Chicken Basil

This is one of our favourite meals and reminds us of our honeymoon in Myanmar. This is a dish packed full of flavour but easy to make. 🙂

Click here for the recipeThai Chicken Basil – Lara Lou’s food creation

Beef Ragu with Gluten Free spaghetti

This dish is ideal for a cold winters night or a cold sunday. You don’t have to have pasta you could have a jacket potato or if you are like my husband, lots of Garlic bread 🙂

For the recipe click hereBeef Ragu with Gluten Free spaghetti – Lara Lou’s food creation

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