Gluten Free Black Forest swiss roll

Gluten Free Black Forest swiss roll


5 Eggs

5oz Golden caster sugar

4oz GF plain flour

1oz Cocoa powder + extra for dusting

Ingredients for filling:

350g Frozen black cherries

300ml Double cream

2Tbsp of Port

2Tbsp of caster sugar

2Tbsp of Icing sugar

1Tbsp of Vanilla essence

0.5tsp of xanthan gum


To start with, heat the oven to 180c fan and line a backing tray with greaseproof paper (my baking tray is about 45cmx30cm). Put the eggs and sugar into a mixer and whisk on high for about 6-8 mins until the eggs and sugar are light in colour and triple in size.

Once the egg and sugar mixture is ready ,sieve the flour and cocoa powder into the mixture, now fold the flour and cocoa powder into the mixture taking care not to over mix. Pour the cake mixture into the baking tray making sure it is evenly spread out. Place in the oven for 10 minutes.

Whilst you are waiting for the cake to cook lay out a piece of greaseproof paper and dust with caster sugar and cocoa powder. When the cake is cooked take it out of the oven and quickly flip it onto the prepared greaseproof paper. Peel of the greaseproof paper that is now on the top of the cake being very careful not to break the cake. Whilst it is still hot roll the cake up and wrap with a clean tea towel and leave to cool.

Whilst you are waiting for the cake to cool place the frozen cherries into a sauce pan with 2Tbsp of port and 2Tbsps of caster sugar and cook for about 10 mins I added half a tsp of xanthan gum to help thicken the sauce. You can also whisk the double cream and when it thick enough at the vanilla essence and icing sugar and stir in being careful not to over whisk the cream.

Now the cake has cooled unroll it and add your filling and roll back up. I then dusted my swiss roll with some cocoa powder.

Its great to have with a lovely cup of tea.

  1. Christel Joubert on Home

    I have Celiac disease need info on products and recipes