Gluten Free Thai Fish Cakes

Gluten Free Fish Cakes

Can make between 6-8 fishcakes


450g of mixed fish ( We used haddock, pollock and salmon)

600g peeled and dice potatoes

1tbsp soy sauce

2tbsp of thai sweet chilli

1tbsp of garlic granules

150g of gluten free breadcrumbs

1 egg

100g of gluten free plain flour

3 cloves of grated fresh garlic

1 thumb size piece of grated ginger

2tbsp of Thai green curry paste

cooking oil


To begin with place the fish in some tin foil and add 1tbsp of soy sauce, 1tbsp of sweet chili and 1tbsp of garlic granules and fold over to make sure there are no gaps before placing in the oven at a heat of 180c for 25 minutes.

Whilst waiting for the fish, place the potatoes in a saucepan of boiling water and cook for 10-15 minutes or until soft.

When the fish and potatoes are cooked leave to cool for 30 minutes.

Once the fish and potatoes are cool place in a bowl and add the garlic, ginger, the Thai green curry paste and the 1tbsp of sweet chilli. Once mixed place into evenly sized cakes and place in the fridge for 20 minutes to firm.

After 20 minutes take the fish cakes out of the fridge and then dip in to the flour, then egg and then breadcrumbs. Until all fish cakes are covered. Once all are covered place in the fridge for another 20 minutes.

Once the fish cakes have been cooled for the second time, shallow fry in cooking oil for 5-8 minutes or until golden brown.

We served ours with Coconut rice