Garlic mushroom and blue cheese on toast

Garlic mushroom and blue cheese on toast


400g of slice Mushrooms ( We used chestnut)

2tbsp of garlic granules

A nob of butter

30ml of double cream

30g of blue cheese

2 Gluten Free panini’s

1tbsp of dried basil


To begin with slice the mushrooms and then heat a frying pan up on a high heat and place in the nob of butter.

Once the butter is sizzling add the mushrooms and cook until golden. The add the dried basil, garlic, blue cheese and cream and cook until the cream is thick.

Once the cream is thick take off the heat and put your panini’s in the grill or toaster.

Once the bread is toasted spread butter to this and then serve the mushrooms on top. We add extra blue cheese, as we love it.