Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

A great dish to have on a Sunday. We had ours with a nice glass of sweet cider


2.5kg of Pulled pork

500ml of dry cider

2tbsp of gluten free Worcestershire sauce

2tbsp of cumin

2tbsp of sweet paprika

2tsbp of soft brown sugar

2tsbp of olive oil

2tsbp of granulated garlic

1tbsp of mustard powder

1 vegetable stock cube

2tbsp of dried oregano

2tbsp of barbeque seasoning


To begin with we cut the skin of the pork ready to make crackling later. We placed the pork in a oven tin and pierced the pork so the flavour would seep in.

We then created the rub in a separate bowl, using all the dry ingredients. We then rubbed the pork with olive oil and then with the dry mix we massaged in the dry mix

We then put the 250ml of cider in the oven tin and covered with tin foil. After this was complete, we put the pork in the oven for 3 hours on a heat of 140C.

After 3 hours we checked the pork and basted it with the rest of the sauce adding the rest of the cider with 2 tbsp of barbeque seasoning.

We then cooked for another 1 hour and an hour, placing the skin in to create the crackling.

Once the pork was cooked for an 1 hour and half we then took it out of the oven pulled it and left it to rest.