Gluten Free Cranachan

Gluten Free Cranachan

This recipe was made for Burn’s night but is great for all times of the year as it is fresh and full of flavour.


75g Gluten free oats

3tbsp Honey

3tbsp Whisky

250g Raspberries

300ml Double cream

2tbsp Crème fresh


To begin with toast the GF oats in a frying pan. this will take a few mins keep an eye on them so they do not burn. Once toasted put to one side to cool down.

Crush the raspberries, leave 1/3 for decoration.

Whip the double cream to just about stiff peaks. Stir in the whisky, honey and crème fresh. mix the cooled GF oats into the cream mixture again leaving a small amount for decoration.

Take the glass/bowl you have decided to use and start with a small layer of the cream mixture, then add a layer of crush raspberries then another layer of cream. Now decorate with the whole raspberries and toasted Gf oats and a small drizzle of honey.

I made 2 large desserts with this mixture but you could make 4 smaller ones if you wish.

Once you have made your cranachan either eat straight away or place in the fridge for later. Just remember the GF oats on top will start to soften if left in the fridge for too long.