Air Fried Mongolian Beef

Air Fried Mongolian Beef


For the marinade:

500 grams of beef

3 Garlic cloves

thumb size of ginger

2 tbsp of gluten free soy sauce

2 tbsp of sweet chilli sauce

2tbsp of cornflour

A handful of coriander

For the sauce:

3 tbsp of sweet chilli

3 tbsp of soy sauce

2tbsp of brown sugar

2tbsp of honey

2tbsp gluten free hoisin sauce

100ml of beef stock

1tbsp of Chinese five spice

1tbsp of sesame seeds

1 dice spring onion

1 slice of lime

For the noodles:

200 grams of noodles

2tbsp of sesame oil

2tbsp of sesame seeds


To begin with we marinated the beef overnight with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sweet chilli and coriander.

When you are ready to cook remove the beef from the marinade and cover with the cornflour dusting off any excess flour. When you have done this put in the air-fryer for 15 minutes at a heat of 200C, stopping half way through to shake.

Whilst the beef is cooking put all the ingredients of the sauce and the garlic and ginger from the marinade and cook on a medium heat until thick this usually takes 8-10 minutes

Whilst doing the sauce you can also boil the noodles for 8 minutes and drain when cooked. After you have drained the noodles add the sesame oil and sesame seeds.

To plate we placed the noodles at the bottom and then poured the air-fried beef into the sauce stirring together makin sure all the beef was coated before placing on the noodles.

We dressed the plate with coriander, spring onion and sesame seeds to add flavour.