Honey Chilli Chicken

We thought we would re-create one of our favourite takeaways.

Please click here- https://laralousfood.com/gluten-free-honey-chilli-chicken/

Gluten Free Char sui pork belly

This recipe was made for Chinese new year, we had some great sides with this and it was enough to feed two people.

Please click here for the recipe- https://laralousfood.com/gluten-free-char-sui-pork-belly/

Chicken Al- Badami style mango curry

After having this dish at our local Indian takeaway we have been seeking to find a recipe, however to no avail so we had an attempt at it ourselves and it was very close to the original.

Please click here for the recipe- https://laralousfood.com/chicken-al-badami-style-mango-curry/

Gluten Free Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong style

This recipe is a great fakeaway and a personal favourite. We did this as part of our date night which we ate in our home made pub.

Please click here for recipe- GF sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style – Lara Lou’s food creation (laralousfood.com)

Gluten Free General Tso Chicken.

A great takeaway for a Sunday night, we have never had this before but we thought we would put our twist on this dish adding sherry vinegar to give it a sharp but spicy taste

Please click here for the recipe- Gluten Free General Tso Chicken – Lara Lou’s food creation (laralousfood.com)

Gluten Free Chicken Teriyaki Bao Buns

These bao buns are great for a Saturday evening, we decided to have these with chicken teriyaki and pickled veg.

Please click here for the recipe- Gluten Free Chicken Teriyaki Bao Buns – Lara Lou’s food creation (laralousfood.com)

Quick and Easy Pad Thai

This recipe is one of our favourite dishes and is a nice light meal to have. We like having ours with sugar snap peas but you can add any vegetable of your choice.

Please click here for the recipe- Quick and Easy Pad Thai – Lara Lou’s food creation (laralousfood.com)

Chicken Massaman Curry

Brings back memories from our honeymoon, this easy cook massaman curry is aramotic and fragrant and great for a Saturday fakeaway

Click here to find recipe

Chicken Massaman curry – Lara Lou’s food creation (laralousfood.com)

Air Fried Mongolian Beef

This dish is a version of the takeaway classic. Not only does it only take 30 minutes to make but it also is packed full of flavour.

Please click here for recipe Air Fried Mongolian Beef – Lara Lou’s food creation

Blood orange chicken

This is a great fakeaway on a saturday night and could be enjoyed with family and friends. The blood orange gives a sweet but tangy taste to the dish.

Please click here for the recipe- Blood orange chicken – Lara Lou’s food creation

Not So Fiery Dan Dan Noodles

This dish is a quick and easy meal with a nice punch to it, without being over spicy. You can zest up your life with squeezing lime to make it fresh.

Click here for the recipe- Not so Fiery Dan Dan noodles – Lara Lou’s food creation

Battered Lemon Chicken

We love a fakeaway on a Saturday and this did not disappoint. This is great with steamed green vegetables or with rice.

Click here to find recipeBattered lemon chicken – Lara Lou’s food creation

Stuffed Bao Buns

After the success of our Bao Buns with stick pork we decided to try stuffed Bao Buns which were just as tasty. To further enhance your meal you can add dipping sauces of your choice, we had sweet chilli and peanut satay. :).

For the recipe click here Gluten Free stuffed Bao Buns – Lara Lou’s food creation

Easy Ramen

This is a great recipe if you have left overs as you can use any meat or any vegs in this dish. Not only is this delicious but it only takes 15 minutes to make.

Enjoy 🙂

For the recipe clickEasy Ramen – Lara Lou’s food creation

Bao Bun with sticky pork

Take a bao with this dish, it is not just easy on the eyes but also tastes delicious. We did a takeaway service for our family with these but if you are not feeling in a sharing mood, you can eat all to your self 🙂

For the recipe click here- Gluten Free Bao Buns with Sticky pork – Lara Lou’s food creation

Perfect Pizza

For a great Saturday in, why not try this gluten free pizza. The great thing is you can choose what you put on it and what to drink with it ( In our case wine)

For the recipe click here- Homemade Pizza – Lara Lou’s food creation